Who we are.   

Established in 1995, the Michigan Barn Preservation Network is an active, statewide 501©3 nonprofit organization of barn owners and enthusiasts. We believe barns are important economic and cultural resources in our communities and are symbols of our nation’s rich agricultural heritage.

The Michigan Barn Preservation Network is committed to the rehabilitation of traditional barns for agricultural, business, public and residential uses.

What we do. 

MBPN fosters the sharing of barn experiences; hosts annual conferences, tours and hands-on workshops; publishes a regular newsletter; promotes barn rehabilitation and education successes; identifies speakers for programs; and locates and shares rehabilitation information and resources about traditional barns through our website and our work.

The support of our members is essential to the work of this organization. In 2018, through our lifetime “Cupola” ($1000) memberships and other gifts, we established an MBPN Endowment with the Capitol Region Community Foundation for barn preservation education. This endowment will assist us in sustaining our future as a voice for barn preservation in Michigan.

Our work raises awareness and aids in the continuing presence of barns in our communities and on the landscape.

Our vision for the future.

We are making a difference in the preservation of Michigan barns. Individuals and communities are engaged in barn preservation, and MBPN is considered the ‘go-to’ resource about traditional barns in Michigan.

Learn more about us, join us, and get involved!

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