Application for Mini-Grants

All promotional material must state that MBPN is a co-sponsor of the workshop.

It is highly recommended that this information be submitted for publication in the MBPN newsletter and for posting on the MBPN website.

A report of the workshop must be sent to MBPN and include: number of attendees, evaluations, and any publicity, and work accomplished. Photos of the workshop would be valuable. The report must also include copies of the receipts showing expenditures of $250. Eligible expenses include: promotional materials, travel expenses for instructors, construction materials. If the workshop is cancelled, the grant must be refunded.

The MBPN board meets quarterly in January, April, July, and October. Applications will only be reviewed at these meetings.

MBPN has liability insurance to cover educational workshops. Remember, safety of participants is the first consideration in a hands-on workshop.

For more information, contact the current president of MBPN.

The MBPN may provide up to $250 mini-grants to individuals or groups who organize workshops related to barn preservation.
Examples of workshops eligible for funding:

  1. Workshops and sessions covering technical and educational topics related to barn preservation
  2. Hands-on demonstrations of preservation techniques
  3. Barn tours
  4. Other workshops will be considered by the board on an individual basis

Mini-Grant Application Form

Workshop Location:*
Workshop Presenters:*
Workshop Date:*
Workshop Topics:*
Mini Grant Use:*

Workshop Organizer Contact Information

Organizers Name:*
Organizers E-mail:*
Organizers Phone:*
Word Verification:

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The movie "The Barn Raisers" premiered in Iowa in February, 2017. MBPN was a contributor and participant in this documentary by Fourth Wall Films. The film will debut in Michigan on Feb. 24 at the Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen farm. MBPN will feature the movie at our annual meeting on May 6, 2017.