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Visit Michigan Quilt Trails in your travels through a system of self-guided driving and cycling tours. Giant quilt blocks on barns and other structures celebrate our rural life and heritage.

Download the 2016 Quilt Trails brochure

Get the most updated information on Michigan Quilt Trails at Quilt Trails of Michigan.

Specific information and a map to the barns is available from theĀ Old Mission Quilt Barns Trail.

Additional resources regarding Quilt Trails:

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The movie "The Barn Raisers" premiered in Iowa in February, 2017. MBPN was a contributor and participant in this documentary by Fourth Wall Films. The film will debut in Michigan on Feb. 24 at the Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen farm. MBPN will feature the movie at our annual meeting on May 6, 2017.