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The following references have been provided to assist in answering some of the most common questions and issues facing MBPN members and friends as they ponder their projects.  The essays have been provided by experts in rural preservation and should be considered as a support guide.

Architect Chuck Bultman

Adapting Barns by Chuck Bultman

Julie Avery, Phd.

Insuring Michigan Barns by Julie Avery

MSHDA Tax Incentives

Barns & Historic Preservation Tax Incentives in Michigan

Gary Howell

Property Taxes &Restored Barns by Gary Howell

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The movie "The Barn Raisers" premiered in Iowa in February, 2017. MBPN was a contributor and participant in this documentary by Fourth Wall Films. The film will debut in Michigan on Feb. 24 at the Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen farm. MBPN will feature the movie at our annual meeting on May 6, 2017.