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MBPN’s  youth barn raising is a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity that provides information, exposure, and experience through a traditional community barn raising common in Michigan communities during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Similar to husking bees, quilting bees, and other shared work activities, neighbors depended upon each other to accomplish what they could not do alone.

Credits and Thanks!
The National Barn Alliance sought funding for several quarter-size timber frame barn replicas to use in educating youth.  In Michigan, a grant from the Arnesby-Russ Mawby Fund of the Battle Creek Community Foundation funded the design and construction of this replica of a mid-west timber frame barn.  This model was eventually placed with the Michigan Barn Preservation Network for educational programs and demonstrations.  In 2015 MBPN purchased the model for continued programming aimed at youth.

Teamwork and Timbers, an MBPN Flagship Project

Traveling throughput Michigan, at the request of local organizations, our volunteers deliver the barn model and coordinate the assembly of this 1/4 size 19th century timber frame model. Our purpose is to provide an educational experience of traditional barn building from a time and method that has all but disappeared.

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The movie "The Barn Raisers" premiered in Iowa in February, 2017. MBPN was a contributor and participant in this documentary by Fourth Wall Films. The film will debut in Michigan on Feb. 24 at the Rochester Hills Museum at Van Hoosen farm. MBPN will feature the movie at our annual meeting on May 6, 2017.