Barns of Mackinac County, Michigan
135 Barns plus a few "extras"

R.V. ("Dick") Dietrich
Professor emeritus C.M.U.

Appendix. Locations: State outline map, County map with township borders, and List, by township,
of the barns and "extras" of which photographs are included in this album.


 Sketch map. Locations of townships within Mackinac County.  The black and white dashed lines indicate the approximate boundaries between adjacent townships.  The two-letter indicators on this map are used to designate the townships where the barns are located in both the   captions of the photographs and on the following list.  West to east the correlations of the two-letter indicators and full names are:  Ne-Newton, Po-Portage, Ga-Garfield, Hu-Hudson, He-Hendricks, Mo-Moran, Br-Brevort, Si-St. Ignace, Ma-Marquette, Bb-Bois Blanc, and Cl-Clark.  

               Two additional indicators, MIC and SIC, are similarly utilized for the included barns that are on Mackinac Island and in St. Ignace, respectively.

List of photographed barns and"extras" by Townships. These locations are plotted by number on the latest Plat Book ... (Mackinac County ..., 2009). The page number in that book is given directly after the number given each structure on this list. That book and additional photos on CD are on file in the XXnameXX Library, XXplaceXX, Michigan.

Bois Blanc
Bb1. (p. 44=extra #1) north of Lime Kiln Point Rd.; SE sec.17* T.39N.-R. 2W.
*see text re section designation.

Brevort Township [[7 + 4 extras]]
Br1. (p. 36=extra #2) east of H57; SW sec.2, T.41N.-R.5W.
Br2. (p. 36) west of H57; NW sec.2, T.41N.-R.5W.
Br3. (p. 37) south of H57; NW sec.5, T.41N.-R.4W.
Br4. (p. 31=extra #3)) north of H57; NW sec.32, T.42N.-R.4W.
Br5. (p. 31) north of Dukes Rd.; NE sec.31, T.42N.-R.4W.
Br6. (p. 31) south of Dukes Rd.; SE sec.31, T.42N.-R.4W.
Br7. (p. 37=extra #4) north of Rte. 129; SE sec.4, T.41N.-R.4W.
Br9. (p. 30) west of Black Point Rd.; SE
sec.25, T.42N.-R.5W.
Br10. (p. 37) east of Langdon Rd.; NE sec.5, T.41N.-R.4W.
Br11. (p. 31) east of Martin Rd.; NW sec.33, T.42N.-R.4W.
Br12. (p. 30=extra #5) west of Black Point Rd.; SW sec.36, T.42N.-R.5W.

Clark Township [[9 + 1 extra]]
Cl1. (p. 34) north of Nye Rd.; SW sec.21, T.42N.-R.1W.
Cl2. (p. 34=extra #6) south of State St.; SW
sec.25, T.42N.-R.1W.
Cl3. (p. 35) east of Meridian St.; NW sec.31,
Cl4. (p. 35) north of Norquist Rd.; SE sec.18,
Cl5. (p. 35) north of Swede Rd.; SE sec.7,
Cl6. (p. 35) west of Winberg Rd.; SW sec.9,
Cl7. (p. 35) north of Swede Rd.; SW sec.9,
Cl8. (p. 35) south of Swede Rd.; NE sec.15,
Cl9. (p. 35) east of Rte. 129; SW sec.18, T.42N.-R.1E.
(p. 35) south of 30 Mile Rd.; NE sec.1, T.42N.-R.1E.
(= #105, p.45 in Pickford..., 2004)

Garfield Township
[[50(+3) + 4 extras]]

The following sketch map shows the locations of the barns shown by photographs in this album. It is given, along with the list of locations, because the numbers of the photographs, and thus of the locations, do not have any logical relationship to the roads and geography. They are, instead, in the order in which the photographs were taken, and that depended upon such things such as light conditions and traffic. It is hoped that the map will aid anyone going through the area who might want to correlate their travel plans and routes they take to see the photographed barns.

Ga1. (p. 11) east of Rte. 117; SW sec.16, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga2. (p. 11) east of Rte. 117; NW sec.16, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga3. (p. 11) west of Rte. 117; SE sec.8, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga4. (p. 17)west of Price Rd.; NE
sec.30, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga5. (p. 17)south of Linck Rd.; NW sec.18, T.43N.-R.10W.
(p. 17)south of Linck Rd.; NE sec.18, T.43N.-R.10W.
(p. 17)east of Pleasant Ave.; NW sec.8, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga8. (p. 17)west of Pleasant Ave.; NE sec.7, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga9. (p. 17)east of Pleasant Ave.; SW sec.5, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga10. (p. 17)west of Price Rd.; SE sec.19, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga11. (p. 17)north of Price Rd.; NW sec.20, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga12. (p. 17=extra #7)north of Linck Rd.; SE sec.8, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga13. (p. 17=extra #8)west of Pleasant Ave.; SE sec.6, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga14. (p. 11)north of Patzen Rd.; SW sec.31, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga15. (p. 11)east of Pleasant Ave.; SW sec.32, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga16. (p. 11=extra #9)west of Pleasant Ave.; NE sec.31, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga17. (p. 11)east of Pleasant Ave.; NW sec.32,
Ga18. (p. 11)north of Kovar Rd.; NW sec.30, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga19. (p. 17)east of Krause Rd.; SW sec.10, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga20. (p. 17)south of Raski Rd.; NE sec.9, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga21. (p. 17)north of Raski Rd.; SW sec.3, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga22. (p. 17)east of Indian Trl.; SW sec.2, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga24. (p. 17)north of Hiawatha Trl. [Rte. H40]; NE sec.15, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga25. (p. 17)west of Krause Rd.; NE sec.4, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga26. (p. 11) west of Krause Rd.; SE sec.33, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga27. (p. 17) west of Indian Trl.; NE sec.10, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga29. (p. 17) west of Indian Trl.; SE sec.10, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga30. (p. 17) southeast of Raski Rd.; SE sec.9, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga31. (p. 17) south of Raski Rd.; SW
sec.9, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga32. (p. 11=extra #10) west of Krause Rd.; NE sec.33, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga33. (p. 11) east of Krause Rd.; NW sec.27, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga34. (p. 11) south of McKelvey Rd.;
NW sec.27, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga35. (p. 11) north of McKelvey Rd.; SW sec.21, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga36. (p. 11) west of Krause Rd.; SW sec.21, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga37. (p. 11)
west of Krause Rd.; NW sec.21, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga38. (p. 11) north of Sandtown Rd.;
SW sec.15, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga39. (p. 11) west of Krause Rd.; SE sec.16, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga40. (p. 11)
east of Krause Rd.; SW sec.15, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga41. (p. 11)
east of Krause Rd.; NW sec.15, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga42. (p. 11)
east of Krause Rd.; NW sec.15, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga43. (p. 11)
west of Krause Rd.; NW sec.16, T.44N.-R.10W.
(p. 11) north of Brown Rd.; SE sec.9, T.44N.-R.10W.
(p. 11) east of Rte. 117; NW sec.21, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga46. (p.
11) west of Rte 117; SE sec.20, T.44N.-R.10W.
(p. 11) south of McKelvey Rd.; NW sec.29, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga48. (p. 11) south of McKelvey Rd.; NE sec.29, T.44N.-R.10W.
(p. 17) west of Rte.117; NE sec.17, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga50. (p. 17) east of Rte.117; SW sec.4, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga51. (p. 17) west of Rte.117; SE sec.5, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga52. (p. 17) west of Rte.117; NE sec.5, T.43N.-R.10W.

Ga53. (p. 17) west of Rte.117; NE sec.5, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga54. (p. 11) west of Rte.117; SE sec.32, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga55. (p. 11) west of Rte.117; SE sec.32, T.44N.-R.10W.
(p. 11) west of Rte. 117; NE sec.32, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga57. (p. 17) east of Rte. 117; NW sec.4, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga58. (p. 17) west of Rte. 117; NE sec.8, T.43N.-R.10W
Ga59. (p. 11) west of Rte. 117; SW sec.29, T.44N.-R.10W.
Ga60. (p. 17) north of Hiawatha Trl.; NW sec.15, T.43N.-R.10W.
Ga61. (p. 11) northeast of Warner Rd.; NE sec.27, T.44N.-R.10W.

Hendricks Township
[[1 + 1 extra]]
He1. (p. 20=extra #11) north of Epoufette Bay Rd.; SW sec.3, T.42N.-R.7W.
He3. (p. 20) south end of Kenyon Rd.; NE sec.8, T.42N.-R.7W.

Township [[0 + 1 extra]]
Hu1. (p. 19=extra #12) west of Black River Rd.; SE sec.19, T.43N.-R.8W.

Township [[24 + 2 extras]]
Ma1. (p. 25=extra #13) east of Simmons Rd.; SW sec.30, T.43N.-R.2W.
Ma2. (p. 33) south of St. Ignace Rd.; NE sec.9, T.42N.-R.2W.
Ma3. (p.
33=extra #14) north of St. Ignace Rd.; SE sec.9, T.42N.-R.2W.
Ma4. (p. 26) north of Taylor Rd.; SE sec.9,
Ma5. (p.
26) south of Taylor Rd.; NW sec.14, T.43N.-R.1W
Ma6. (p. 26) west of Rte. 48/129; NE sec.24, T.43N.-R.1W
Ma7. (p. 26) west of Rte. 48/129; NE sec.25,
Ma8. (p. 26) south of Rockview Rd.; NW sec.36, T.43N.-R.1W.

NOTE: A black and white photograph and information about each of the following barns is in Pickford..., 2004. The photos shown in this album provide a different view, taken in 2011, of each of these barns. The numbers following the MaP- prefix indicate the order in which these photographs were taken, which also provides a good order to view the barns. The information in parentheses at the end of each barn location corresponds to the number and page where information about the barn is in the Pickford ... (2004) publication. It seems noteworthy that five additional barns, no longer present, are also shown in the Mackinac County section recorded in Pickford ... (ibid.)
MaP-1. (p.
26) south of Townline Rd.; NW sec.1, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #56, p.28)
MaP-2. (p.
26) south of Townline Rd.; NE sec.6, T.43N.-R.2W. (= #24, p.16)
MaP-3. (p.
26) east of 5 Mile Rd.; NE sec.6, T.43N.-R.2W. (= #26, p.16)
MaP-4. (p.
26) south of Townline Rd.; NW
sec.5, T.43N.-R.2W. (= #32, p.19)
MaP-5. (p. 26) south of Townline Rd.; NW sec.5, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #34, p.20)
(p. 26) south of Townline Rd.; NW sec.2, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #54, p.27)
(p. 26) north of Blair Rd.; SE sec.1, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #58, p.28)
(p. 26) south of Blair Rd.; NE sec.12, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #59, p.29)
MaP-9. (p.
26) south of Blair Rd.; NE sec.12, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #61, p.29)
MaP-10. (p.
26) west of 1 Mile Rd.; SW sec.2, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #62, p.30)
MaP-11. (p.
26) north of Blair Rd.; SW sec.2, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #64, p.31)
MaP-12. (p. 26) north of Blair Rd.; SW sec.2,
T.43N.-R.1W. (= #65, p.31)
(p. 26) north of Bla;ir Rd.; SE sec.3, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #67, p.32)
(p. 26) north of Blair Rd.; SE sec.4, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #68, p.32)
(p. 26) south Taylor Rd.; NE sec.14, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #69, p.33)
(p. 26) south Taylor Rd.; NE sec.13, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #71, p.34)
MaP-17. (p.
26) west of Rte. 129/48; SE sec.12, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #72, p.34)
(p. 26) west of Rte. 129/48; NE sec.12, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #73, p.35)
(p. 26) south of Blair Rd.; NE sec.12, T.43N.-R.1W. (= #57, p.29

Township [[5 + 0 extras]]
Mo1. (p.
41) northwest of New Portage Rd.; NW sec.14, T.40N.-R.3W.
Mo2. (p. 41) south of Old Portage Rd.; NW
sec.1, T.40N.-R.3W.
(p. 41) northwest of Martin Lake Rd.; NW sec.9, T.40N.-R.3W.
(p. 22) north of Lovegrove Rd.; SE sec.4, T.43N.-R.5W.
Mo6. (p. 41) east of Gros Cap Rd.; NW
sec.8, T.40N.-R.4W.

Newton Township
[[9 + 2 extras]]
Ne1. (p. 16) west of Greenwald Rd.; NE
sec.25, T.43N.-R.11W.
Ne2. (p. 16) south of Rte. 2; NE sec.25, T.43N.-R.11W.
Ne3. (p. 15=extra #16) north of Brotherton Rd.; SW sec.2, T.43N.-R.12W.
(p. 16) north of Clark Rd.; SE sec.28, T.43N.-R.11W.
(p. 16) east of Brawley Rd.; NW sec.26, T.43N.-R.11W.
(p. 28) west of S. Gould City Rd.; SW sec.28, T.42N.-R.11W.
(p. 28) west of S. Gould City Rd.; SW sec.28, T.42N.-R.11W.
(p. 16) south of Main St., Gould City; SW sec.28, T.43N.-R.11W.
(p. 16) north of Hiawatha Trl.[=H40]; NE sec.23, T.43N.-R.11W.
Ne10. (p. 16=extra #15) north of Hiawatha Trl.=H40]; NE sec.23 T.43N.-R.11W.
Ne11. (p. 16) north of Clark Rd.; SE sec.28, T.43N.-R.11W.

Township [[5 + 1 extra]]
Po1. (p. 10)
east of Rte. H-33, SW sec 30, T.43N.-R.11W.
Po2. (p. 9) east of County Line Rd., SW sec.7, T.44N.-R.12W.
Po3. (p. 9)
south of Ketola Rd., NE sec.7, T.44N.-R.12W.
Po4. (p. 9) east of County Line Rd., NW sec 7, T.44N.-R.12W.
Po5. (p. 9=extra #17) east of McGahn Rd., SE sec 17, T.44N.-R.12W.
Po7. (p. 10)
north of Sandtown Rd., SW sec.17, T.44N.-R.11W.

St. Ignace Township
[[4 + 0 extras]
Si1. (p. 32) north of Charles Moran Rd.; SE sec.30, T.41N.-R.3W.
Si2. (p. 32) west of Pine River Rd.(south of Rte. 134); NE sec.10, T.42N.-R.3W.
Si3. (p. 37) south of Rte. 129; NE sec.11, T.41N.-R.3W.

Si4. (p. 32) north of St. Ignace Rd.; SE sec.1, T.42N.-R.3W.

Mackinac Island, City
[[7 (+2) + 0 extras]]
MIC1. (p. 42)East of Market St.; SW sec.14, T.40N. R.3W.
MIC3. (p. 42)Southwest of Cadotte St.; NE sec.15, T.40N. R.3W.
MIC6. (p. 42)North of Algonquin Rd.;
SW sec.10, T.40N. R.3W.
MIC7. (p. 42)North of Algonquin Rd.; SW sec.10, T.40N. R.3W.
MIC8. (p. 42)North of Algonquin Rd.; SW sec.10, T.40N. R.3W.
MIC12. (p. 42)North of Park Rd.; SW sec.3 , T.40N. R.3W.
MIC13. (p. 42)East of Carriage Rd.; SE sec.10, T.40N. R.3W.

St. Ignace, City
[[3 + 0 extras]]
SIC1. (p. 41& 49) north of Ferry Lane; SW sec.17, T.40N.-R.3W.
SIC2. (p. 41& 49) south of Burdette St.; SW sec.17, T.40N.-R.3W.
SIC3. (p. 41& 48) north of Portage St.; SW sec.7, T.40N.-R.3W.
SIC4. (p. 41& 48=extra #18)) south of Prospect St.; NW sec.18, T.40N.-R.3W.

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