� Barns of Mackinac County, Michigan �

The maps above show the area of study for the barns.

Follow the links below to a study of the barns of Mackinac County.  The complete work was written by R. V. (Dick) Dietrich, Professor emeritus C.M.U., and made available to MBPN.

About the Author
Preface & Introduction
Bois Blanc Township
Brevort Township
Clark Township
Garfield Township
Hendricks Township
Hudson Township
Marquette Township
Moran Township
Newton Township
Portage Township
St. Ignace Township
Mackinac Island (City)
St. Ignace (City)


The photographs on this site can be seen at larger sizes on the following web site:
Central Michigan University

 Original Frontispiece. Barn Mo3 in Moran Township (black and white photograph,
taken in the 1930's, is in collection of Chuck Collip).


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